My Top 10 Inspirations for 2016

If you are a small business owner or sole trader, you’ll know what I mean by those life changing moments or inspirations. The light bulb moments that happen by listening to a podcast that really speaks to you, reading a book that unlocks the block you are currently up against or attending a course where one little pearl of wisdom sticks and drives you forwards.

We’re barely over six weeks into 2016 but in the big picture, that’s an eighth of this year gone. And if you are planning by quarters. That makes the quarter one goals loom large.

So it’s time to take stock.

This year is about three major things for me. All learnings from last year. All part of my brand and my life going forwards.


Not just picture boards and hope for the best planning but financial task based plans and heart felt, what my soul needs plans.


The world is so full of distractions that our brains can quickly brush over joy or success. We have a gratitude/happiness jar, a wishing tree and I pray daily to give thanks for the day’s happy moments. Happiness doesn’t just happen – you need to work at it.


Last year’s conferences and partnerships highlighted for me the need to work with others and to seek guidance and help.

So in the light of the year so far, which has already seen some major work change and challenges. Here are the 10 light bulb or mindset changing things that have happened for me and how they are helping me mould my business:

  1. MARKETING. The year started with an unexpected invitation to a marketing strategy day with Amanda Herbert (Syren Strategy) and Lisa Barnwell (Bumps and the Boardroom). Not only did I love an opportunity for creative thinking with amazing female minds but I learned so much in a few hours about marketing. It’s helped my writing, pitching and business planning.
  2. MR & MRS LAING. A coaching call with the fitness business and media guru that is Yvonne Radley (Big Me Up Media) got me thinking about the power of my business partner. My husband. Not only did we discuss brilliant business ideas but it reminded me of the power of two and the strength of our marriage.
  3. BOOK DEAL. It hasn’t happened yet – but I had a great coaching call with publishing coach and innovator Amanda Jones (Books to the Sky), which came from a response to a Twitter #journorequest. She got me thinking about integrating my writing more with my business so it’s not ‘another thing’ but my daily business. It also reminded me not to under sell myself.
  4. THE F-WORD PODCAST. This mindset altering podcast with Jonathan Tilley (the Janet Murray Soulful PR Podcast) is all about failure. Something I’m fascinated by this year. A combination of working with Janet last year on her Soulful PR VIP course and understanding my fear of and reaction to failure has helped my confidence.
  5. COLLABORATIONS. From presenting at FitPro LIVE and WIFE Events Business Day to running a writing webinar with JPilates. Partnering and collaborating with great minds in my industry is massive praise for me and in many ways, what my work is all about.
  6. LITTLE MOMENTS OF PRAISE. I also had an epiphany from a conversation with my bestie (she is so wise), who made me realise that praise doesn’t only come from awards and commissions – it comes from individuals relating to my writing or from the anxious mum stepping out of the door to come to my class because it’s a safe environment.
  7. CARLA’S TESTIMONIAL. One such little moment came from words in a card, from a class participant. She articulated everything I hope to give to a class when I teach Pilates. Not everyone gets it but when one or two people do, it makes me very happy.
  8. YOGA, BRAVERY and BOOBS. Harriet Minter’s TED Talk (editor of Guardian: Women in Leadership) spoke to me at the right time. For me, it’s simply about bravery in business.
  9. PUBLICATION. Getting a an article published in the Guardian online, in a section I really wanted to get published in, by an editor who I was a bit in awe of when I met her felt really cool – especially since the subject is something I absolutely believe in. It’s had loads of shares and I’m still getting comment on it.
  10. I AM ENOUGH. As great as publication is I’m learning more that I don’t need praise to know I’m good enough. I am enough.


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