Monthly Archives: July 2016


Huffington Post Latest: Feeling Blue? 25 Ways to Instantly Feel Better (Without Chocolate).

Read the original post here: Is there such a thing as an instant pick me up? When you’ve been feeling glum for a few days, what can you do to get your mojo back? I’m usually a pretty positive person. For me the cup is always half full. But I’ll be honest, of late…


Fitpro Magazine Latest: Bossing It! Interview with Claire Burlison Green of Clubbercise

In the first of my new interview series in Fitpro magazine that profiles fitness leaders, I met Claire Burlison Green and asked her about launching Clubbercise, the dance workout programme, and what fellow fitness professionals can learn from her experience. “We were those people who wanted to go clubbing without the hassle or the hangover. Clubbercise is…

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