BabyCentre Guest Post: 9 Exercise Swaps for New Mums (#8 is THE secret)

I’ve been desperate to write this article about post natal exercise for ages. Yes we all want to lose the mum flab as quickly as possible but what is the safest way to do it?

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Pregnancy and birth come with a major down side for many women.


Pregnancy hormones make our bodies attract it. Great for baby. Not so great for your thighs and tummy.

Unfortunately, when post-birth lows set in – as they so often do after a few months of sleep deprivation and plenty of ‘what just happened to my life’ moments – self-esteem, body image and fat feelings can creep in. Getting back into shape can feel like the only bit of control we have left.

It’s at this point I see new mums reaching for bootcamps, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or signing up for marathons in a desperate attempt to lose the fat and just feel a bit better.

But your new postnatal body neither needs nor is ready for these intense forms of exercise.

As an expert in postnatal exercise and rehabilitation, the prospect of delicate new mum bodies (and minds) being pummeled by sprints and jump squats makes me scream. I know what can go wrong and in the majority of cases what your body really needs (a good postnatal Pilates course, a brisk walk with friends in fresh air and less sugar).

But because I also appreciate the need to do something (I’ve been there and worn the 10K T-shirt), and not to appear like a kill joy on all things bouncy, I’ve devised my top 9 exercise swaps for post natal bodies.

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