Fitpro Magazine Latest: Bossing It! Interview with Claire Burlison Green of Clubbercise

In the first of my new interview series in Fitpro magazine that profiles fitness leaders, I met Claire Burlison Green and asked her about launching Clubbercise, the dance workout programme, and what fellow fitness professionals can learn from her experience.

“We were those people who wanted to go clubbing without the hassle or the hangover. Clubbercise is clubbing in trainers, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.”

“It’s like a rollercoaster. There are ups and there are downs but I can’t get off … and I don’t want to. I’ve built a business that makes people happier and healthier.”

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“For years, I’d dreamed of growing a business with social responsibility. I was inspired by TOMS shoes [TOMS matches each sale with a donation of shoes to a child in need]. I wanted to do something to help people in extreme poverty but I know I’m not the sort of person who would travel across the world to build a school with my bare hands. That’s just not me. I have other valuable skills and I knew I could help in a different way. As Clubbercise began to take off, I thought, “Clubbercise could be it.

“The decision to donate to Oxfam’s safe water projects seemed obvious considering how much water we drink during fitness classes. Through Oxfam, for every person who trains with Clubbercise, 10 people get access to clean drinking water. We’ve now trained 1,000 instructors, so that’s 10,000 people we’ve helped get access to clean drinking water, with plans for more.”

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