How I Fell in Love with Loud Leggings

When you spend your life in lycra you learn a thing or two about wearing leggings.

Do they pass the see-through test? Or am I going to bend over and share my butt crack with the world?

Are they long enough to wear with a pair of boots between classes? Or will I wander around with an inch of white leg poking out?

Is the waist band tight enough to stay up when I roll down but not so tight that my mum tum creates a little tyre around my middle?

For many years, legs have been clad in black, grey or occasionally navy. Bright prints have previously been the reserve of very outgoing types at fitness conventions or yoga retreats. For some reason – as a Pilates teacher – I’ve always felt I should stick to soothing colours to aid the relaxing ambience of the class. I almost felt that bright prints or colours would somehow contravene the unwritten code of conduct of the Pilates instructor world:

Remain deadly serious at all times;

Breathe loudly and proudly through your nostrils;

There is no such thing as too many precision or technique cues (people only come to Pilates to be told off for not doing it right);

Don’t laugh if anyone farts; and

Wear sober colours (apart from festive seasons when jolly socks are essential).

But my love of being subversive and making up my own rules has won over. And the more my confidence has grown – both in my instruction and in my business purpose – the louder my leggings have got.

It started when I was introduced to Dharmabums by a lovely friend. My red and pink confetti print leggings arrived and made me feel wonderful.

More recently I’ve become an ambassador for locally based fitness fashion brand, YogaLeggs (leggings pictured) and I’m not sure my legs could get any louder.


Far from affecting the ambience of my classes, it just adds to the friendly and fun vibe. Exercise isn’t all serious. It’s a time to let go, be present and enjoy your body. I’ve even noticed my Pilates tribe becoming more confident in their own leg wear. Slowly black is going out in favour of prints and colour.

So if you’ve yet to get on board with the trend, or perhaps you don’t think your legs are up to it, I dare you to get on board. One pair of leggings could change your exercise life forever.


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