Keep Your Copy Lean

My 10 Golden Rules of writing. The first and most important one: Keep Your Copy Lean

You could conjure up the most creative piece of writing in the world but unless someone’s on a slow boat to China, people just don’t have the time to read everything. You’ve possibly even skipped this sentence or are now wishing I’d detailed what’s in the video clip so you don’t have to open it (it’s only 40 seconds long)!

Get it?

Get to the point. Fast. Yes write away with your best creative hat on but never skip the editing part. When you write for print media you get a word count. You need to hit it with only a ten word margin over or under. That’s tight. It teaches you to be lean with your words and skip the waffle. If you have something important to say or to sell, get it out fast. Grab your reader’s attention.

If you want to learn more about this I’m hosting a writing workshop on the afternoon of Saturday 27th February in Epping Forest. For more information check out the event information.

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