‘The Female Factor’ at FitPro LIVE: Will You Join Me?

12 years ago I attended my first FitPro Convention. I was green to the industry having recently jumped off the corporate ship PwC Consulting in pursuit of happiness and integrity.

The convention was held at Loughborough University. I stayed in student lodgings and did the full mix of partying and non-stop exercising until I was a sweaty, exhausted mess.

It was a time of my life where I was ‘in transition’. If I’m honest, I was a bit rudder-less and probably made some rash decisions. But the convention was fun. I was inspired by all the presenters. It was before Chris, before marriage, before kids. A time when little seeds were beginning to germinate in my brain.

I knew I had more to offer than physical exercise instruction. It was fun – but I knew I had more to give. I knew I didn’t want to be lecturing on the science stuff. It went way over my head and was presented in a way that just didn’t interest me.

12 years later and the director of FitPro has asked me to present on a panel at this year’s ‘newly styled’ convention. I can’t wait. What’s really exciting is that I’m doing it alongside some amazing women. Jacqueline Hooton, founder of Women in Fitness Empowerment (WIFE) and already a loyal cheerleader of product Karen ‘the writer’ Laing; Katie Bulmer-Cooke, of TV’s The Apprentice fame, former personal trainer of the year and an inspiration to me for her ability to just get up and do stuff; and Mary Huckle, who survived breast cancer and now inspires many other women on their journey.

We’ll be hosting a FitPro panel about women. How to talk to women. What women really want. How to increase your retention, sales and reach by connecting with 50% of the population. It’s not a talk focused on fitness instruction or science but on business and communication – arguably one of THE most important aspects of your business in a social media age.

I just wonder who will be in the audience. Perhaps someone who’s a little rudder-less and feels they have a lot to offer the world – but isn’t too sure what that thing is just yet.

Will you be there?



Do you want to come and spend a Saturday afternoon with me working on your writing?

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